Interested In Knowing a Cool BAnd or MAybe A Good Artist?! WickedLovely's MUSIC PAGE IS HERE! To make you Know more! This page is About Rock, Rn' B, Hip-Hop, and Party Music/Sounds!  I hope you'll like what I like!  Ok! Lets now Check it OUT! (>_<) yeah!

If you like Rock Music! Why Not try listening to "The Pretty Reckless" .

Taylor Momsen- Vocals

Ben Phillips-Guitar
Mark Damon-Bass
Jamie Perkins-Drums

>If you like Cherie Currie Maybe you'll like her also! (^_^)

***I am actually a taylor momsen fan! She has a great life as a teen-ager! I really wish that I'll have a life like hers! Maybe one day I'll be a Vocalist of a cool and wicked RockBand! Who knows?! She is like my inspiration. hahaha! XD Yeah all songs are written by Taylor. This song that was played was the Song of the movie titled "Kick-Ass".


Want to  know more ABOUT them? (Link under)

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