>The phrase "i love you" has been said so often that sometimes, it tends to lode it's meaning. When it comes to expressing love, the rule is show, don't tell!

>Show your loved ones you will go to great lengths just to makethem feel special.
Saying "I love you" does that well, but doing something concrete says it better!

(Raring to say those three words eight letters to the object of your affection?
Don't jump the gun just yet! Check these signs to see whether you are indeed in love.)

1. He is constantly on your mind.
2. You have fun with him.
3. You share inside jokes with him.
4. You feel safe and secure around him.
5. You enjoy doing mundane things with him.
6. He can easily make you laugh or smile.
7. You can totally be yourself around him.
8. You don't mind making sacrifices for him.
9. You strive to be better because of him.
10. You can imagine a future with him.